A number of disputes can arise out of property ownership, sales, and other business dealing. At Firm Law Firm, we have the expertise to handle all such disputes. We can institute and defend property suits, and can help with both filing and removing liens. Contact us today to begin resolving your property litigation.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate development and ownership can be a complex undertaking, and things can easily go wrong. When they do, you need an experienced and savvy advocate on your side. Fidelity Law Firm understands the intricate problems associated with owning a real estate, and we can help you to resolve the dispute.

Contract Disputes

Contracts exist to protect the expectations of parties to an agreement. Sometimes, however, despite everyone’s best efforts, an agreement isn’t carried out as planned. When your contract is breached, or your agreement falls apart, contact Fidelity Law Firm. Our attorneys are familiar with these disputes, and can negotiate an amicable settlement. In the alternative, we can represent you in the courts if no compromise can be reached.

Small Claims

The Small Claims Court has jurisdiction to adjudicate claims for the payment of money and recovery of personal property where the claim or the value of the property does not exceed $5,000. Fidelity Law Firm can represent you in Small Claims Court. Our representation includes advising you as to the process, drafting all paperwork to be filed with the court and appearing in court on your behalf.

Landlord Tenant Law

We routinely draft, negotiate, and advise clients with respect to real estate leases, including residential and complex commercial leases for office buildings, shopping centers, shopping malls and other enclosed malls, warehouses and flex space, and ground leases.

We also assist our clients with numerous types of real estate transactions, including the sale and purchase of commercial real estate, property development, property management, commercial landlord/tenant issues, and related matters. We also handle numerous residential landlord and tenant matters, and we represent homeowner’s associations and condominium associations.

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